Why I am leaving social media...

It’s weird, right? I mean when we really stop to think about it, what a bizarre experience we are voluntarily subjecting ourselves to whenever we visit these platforms whether it’s adding content or simply reviewing what others have submitted and maybe even applying our opinions to something. For what benefit? What are we hoping to gain here? Friendship, support, monetary gain? Who really knows? But, the universe is always a yin and a yang of perfect balance and harmony so what are we giving up in order to achieve what other “gain” is through these platforms?
For a fast and fleeting moment I glimpsed up and the way the light was hitting that birch, just right! It was that second! Another before or after and I would have robbed myself of that experience. How may other trees had there been? Moments? Life? What had I missed in exchange for something far less tangible through an “online interaction”. Is it more real? I don’t think so; the residency of this image in my mind is far more longer lasting then whatever bullshit comment I made on someone else’s opinions on foreign policy. Why did I even bother to comment?…

The tree/the lighting that I saw.

The tree/the lighting that I saw.

…I really feel strongly about experiences and I truly want my art to be shared as both my experience in creating it, the trials and tribulations leading up to it, the failure, the failure, the failure… and your experience in viewing it. and I do not want to rob you of that experience. It’s so weird to be randomly scrolling through a algorithm populated social media feed (based on what that company “thinks” is best for you); some political nonsense, sports scores, kids dying of cancer, MY ART, someone’s dog, another mass shooting…our mind isn’t wired properly to process all of that that rapidly. If you want to experience my art you should seek to experience my art and not the other distractions. I’m thankful that you’re here! This site was created by me solely as well and is a creative extension of myself. Including my horrible English, typing and grammar, whatever. To go even further with experiences; come to an art show, own some art, live with it on your walls and experience it!!! To stand in front of a work of art and have it move you is like no other experience you will ever have! There have been many many works that I have seen in person at a museum or have owned which haven’t moved or spoken to me until a very specific moment in my life. These things take some time to develop. Sit there, meditate upon them, absorb it. You will never get this experience through a random happen-upon on social media.

Now let’s think about the output too. How much time is spent scrolling around on these platforms? What could I have done with that time? How many more works of art could I have produced in my life, how many have been lost forever now which I could have made with my instead? Time is a bastard and an artist’s most valuable resource. I would much rather produce more works, have you seek out those works and experience them. This is for me! This is for you!

I will still engage and talk to you. I am not becoming some northern New Hampshire hermit but I want you to come to me and connect with me on a much more fundamental level and hopefully it becomes more intimate for both of us vs. some whirling, whizzing online haberdashery that ultimately distracts us from our true relationship.
I promise to release something for you at least monthly here. I like personal discipline and goals so I think that’s doable. I hope. I will also send out updates and thoughts etc in my newsletter; see link below to sign up. I promise not to send you garbage and nonsense there because I hate that as much as you do! For now I see it like this; I will work here more, add new works to their respective pages also this blog and release a monthly, perhaps bi-monthly email newsletter. I see myself doing a quarterly update on social media and hitting you all with everything I’ve done over the past few months and probably events and shows and such, but don’t expect photos of my dinner or my random 2:29am nonsense thoughts on current affairs. Instead I will be spending that sub-morning witching hour sketching in my book. I’ll be on my phone but only to use its flashlight to sketch by. -J

Feel free to share any paintings or images but please tag @joelvanpattenart on them and retain information such as the title, size, medium when applicable.