WGBH selects my painting for their 2014 Boston Art Walk

I was honored to receive a call today that WGBH Boston will be featuring my oil painting, Dance At The End of the World in their Boston Art Walk this evening.  I donated this painting to WGBH to raise money for their station and PBS television.  This is a huge honor as only 76 acrylic/oil paintings were selected for this year's show!
Their art auction will conclude this weekend on channel 2 in the Boston area and will be fully televised.  My painting's bidding will conclude at 11:14pm EST on July 26th, Saturday. 

Info on the auction and art walk: http://wgbhartauction.tumblr.com

The link to my painting's listing: http://auction.wgbh.org/Bidding.taf?_function=detail&Auction_uid1=218521