Revamped The Website

So I decided to freshen up the site and make it a bit more easy for you to navigate and eventually including some new features.  I have a couple podcasts that I am a part of too and I may be adding a weekly art themed radio show to this site for y'all as well, stay tuned!

Lot of cool new things in the work and I hope to go 'all in' here more and produce more art for you as time and funds allow.  Please kindly find my new donate link on this site as well and consider making a donation.  They start at just $0.50 and this goes a long ways towards materials, supplies and buying time to make art for you!  Much much much appreciated!!!

I'm working on some new digital pieces currently.  Here's a sneak peak at this latest.

Digital art, Cintiq 24HD with Manga Studio EX5

Digital art, Cintiq 24HD with Manga Studio EX5

Stay tuned for more, and send me your feedback!  I'd love to hear from you!!!