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Joel was the subject of a recent article in the Concord Monitor, one of the local newspapers. The focus was how his style is developing and changing from realism to abstract.

"Sisters in the Park", Oil on canvas, by Joel VanPatten

"Sisters in the Park", Oil on canvas, by Joel VanPatten

Suncook artist evolves into abstract style

Monitor staff

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Joel Van Patten’s art continues to evolve and mature.

The Suncook-based painter had originally planned to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design for illustration after he graduated from high school.

But in 2000, the car parts business he ran was burgeoning, and he forewent going to school.

It wasn’t until 2010, as his mother was dying that he found solace in making art; this time oil painting.

“Oil painting is very forgiving,” he said, explaining that mistakes can be rectified easier with paint than when illustrating.

He also took classes at New Hampshire Institute of Art. He said he knew how to paint and illustrate, but wanted to know the techniques better.

Abstract Park, oil on canvas, by Joel VanPatten

Abstract Park, oil on canvas, by Joel VanPatten

Now, he’s shifting again. This time styles – from modern impressionistic paintings to more abstract images.

Van Patten said, in the beginning, he was painting for other people’s approval, and he’s now painting for himself.

“That’s when I think you get a level of maturity as an artist,” he said.

The new style uses blocks of color instead of lots of details.

Van Patten paints at his home studio, works part time at the Currier Museum and gives private lessons to students in Manchester. He says he primarily paints at night from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

“It’s challenging being an artist ... and having a commitment to jobs and providing for your family,” Van Patten said.

Fenton's Landing, oil on canvas, by Joel VanPatten

Fenton's Landing, oil on canvas, by Joel VanPatten

His former oil paintings featured landscapes – especially images taken at nighttime in Manchester and places in the Concord region he’s visited with his children.

One of his most recent paintings in the impressionist style is of his two daughters in a Concord park. It is painted entirely with a palette knife.

The new works are less literal, he said. He takes an image and breaks it down into organic blocks of colors. He also plans to work with non-traditional tools like old credit cards and Squeezees.

“It’s a unique way to look at the world,” Van Patten said.

White Park, oil on canvas, by Joel VanPatten

White Park, oil on canvas, by Joel VanPatten

Please date my husband

Today is a special guest post by Joel's wife Emily.

Someone date my husband, please. No, not romantically, I mean professionally!

Being a stay-at-home mom with 3 small children rarely affords me time to go with Joel while he paints en plein air. Do not be scared, it just means he goes outdoors, plops down, unpacks and paints. And while painting is a very individual persuit, it can also be lonely. Loneliness is hard for all of us, but for someone as creative as Joel it turns something relaxing into something a little painful. 

Sure, radios and phones mean he isn't without human contact but it sure would be nice to have someone there to have a conversation with, to share similar interests with, to exchange ideas and techniques professionally date, if you will.

So, to all of you local painters - would you be interested in dating my husband? You can go paint outdoors or in a creative indoor space. You can talk about the local and global art scene. I just don't have the same interest as my darling husband when it comes to that but hey, Jeremy Mann, your coffee table book is lovely

You get a great partner in crime and I don't get ambushed by a zealous art enthusiast while I am simultaneously trying to change a diaper, refill a cup and find the correct cartoon. Sorry honey, but your timing can stink.

Plus, everyone has a work spouse. They exist in every co-ed work environment, don't deny it. Working from home as a professional painter means that he is stuck with his lawfully wedded wife and how fun is that?  

Dating my husband professionally would even include cross-promotion. He loves to talk and it would be so easy to drop in conversation (online or in person) that you are trying something new...a new place to paint...a new person to get excited about art with...perhaps something new you found along the way that is inspiring your paintings...maybe even a new style! Styles evolve - it's true!

So, all I am asking is that if you live in New England, specifically New Hampshire, give him a chance. He's a great guy and full of talent. Give him a chance and go on a date. I did!

A quick video of my painting on WGBH's art auction

So last night was the big night in which my painting was televised on WGBH Boston's art auction.  It is a very big honor to have been professionally juried and selected from the thousands of artists Worldwide and their submissions.  I do not think I fully appreciate the scope of this as my humility ultimately rules the day.
It's about putting in the work and the continued pursuit of any and all possible avenues which allows one to fully engage in and pursue their passions.  The biggest lesson I can offer and hopefully a mantra that I can adhere to is that no one is going to come and rescue you from your studio.  You have to work.
So yeah for this chapter in this artist's story!  Now it's time to look forward to the next portion of my journey, whatever that may be...

In case you missed it, here is my video that I recorded at home last night with my wife of this event televised.  
As always thank you so much for your continued support.  I am grateful!

WGBH selects my painting for their 2014 Boston Art Walk

I was honored to receive a call today that WGBH Boston will be featuring my oil painting, Dance At The End of the World in their Boston Art Walk this evening.  I donated this painting to WGBH to raise money for their station and PBS television.  This is a huge honor as only 76 acrylic/oil paintings were selected for this year's show!
Their art auction will conclude this weekend on channel 2 in the Boston area and will be fully televised.  My painting's bidding will conclude at 11:14pm EST on July 26th, Saturday. 

Info on the auction and art walk:

The link to my painting's listing: