Website Updates & New Art

If you’re reading this that means that you have successfully made it to my official website! I have been working on adding new content to the site over the past few weeks including historical drawings, watercolors and new paintings as well. I also felt that the site was a bit scattered and non-uniform so I have hopefully fixed some of that chaos as well for you. I will be working on the site adding more functions in terms of engaging with the art and making it more accessible to you. I am in no way defined as a webmaster or a programmer etc. and I have been “one-man-showing” my way across this thing while doing everything else in my life including making new art.

In the studio I have fired up the sports-art machine again after a nice summer hiatus with the family and I am actively making new work. New England fall and winter are super conducive to sit in your studio and make new art as blizzards rage outside etc!
I am currently into historic players and sports but I am actively entertaining new commissions and offers for work. I have plans next year to hopefully attend more minor league baseball games in town locally at Nashua’s Holman Stadium. I feel that there will be some nice reference material available from that historic ball park and a nice gesture to work with the up and coming local talent.

In working on the site I can say that the size and scale of my work has increased over the past few years; you can see this most actively in the Early Works section of the site, an influx of work came in 2018. My reasoning for this is more of a singular commitment to the art and the abandoning of some past obligations. Pick and choose your battles… I have improved the quality of my materials and now provide commission work on Belgian Linen and hand made paints from Williamsburg in Brooklyn NY. I was fortunate enough to be turned on to Escoda Brushes from Barcelona this year and I do not see myself turning back! I’m hoping that they will be kind enough in 2020 to take me on as one of their ambassadors. Fingers crossed! I’m painting for the future and hope that the materials stand the test of time.

At the moment I am hoping for some new digital equipment for the studio, especially new camera and photography equipment for higher resolution pictures of finished works and also reference photos and staged shots within the studio. While I want some amazing high resolution digital format camera, I also have a desire to get some old crappy 1800’s camera too and make some haunting tin-type like images as well. I’m always a child of the past and future at the same time. I guess that’s cool or maybe I’m a closet hipster? Hopefully you get some of that in the art? Not the hipster part, but the historic part.
I hope to write and sketch more in the coming weeks and months. I’ve always sucked at that diary type thing but I really want to… again, it’s that damn pain in the ass known as Time.

I am very excited to have a weekend trip planned here shortly to stay at the Wentworth By The Sea on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Portsmouth and hope to find inspiration there and forward my experiences to you through my art. Here I go again with that love of the past in these grand historic resorts but using it to make new and modern art reference.
In conclusion for this post, thank you all so much for your patience with my site, my lowly and slowly blog posts etc. I’m not an author and I try to type this thing out like I talk so if the punctuation is lousy and English poor, ah well. It’s ok to have a flaw.

If you have any questions on want me to ramble on about something here art related please email me or hit me up on the social media outlets. I’m getting a bit burned out with social media and actively looking for alternative avenues for my art so stay tuned for that! I really hope I can “blog” each week for you but its a matter of commitment to it! Be well! -J