Fall'ing In Line With New Plans and Works

Happy Fall! Man, we are definitely in the full swing of autumn here in NH, and NO I do not do pumpkin spiced anything, but I do enjoy apple picking and those “date activities”. It’s nice it is that it is not painfully cold out as of yet and I can still mow my lawn/leaf removal with a cigar going and not feel the need to rush inside because my face hurts. The colors are totally awesome right now and I feel it’s impossible to paint and capture them all so it may be a series of photos for reference later on to work from. October is a super busy month for us with birthdays (yes I am another year older), the Boston International Fine Art Show and Halloween etc. etc. Things should quiet down come November.

On the art front; I have began working with Suzanne Shultz out of Boston this month. She owns www.canvasfinearts.com and has a physical gallery in Boston. She works with artists to help us manage ourselves and reach our goals etc. We need someone like that! I am super excited to receive her assistance and feel that the partnership will be very beneficial.

I have applied to the Copley Society of Art in Boston this week and hope to have positive word back from them soon. Fingers crossed on that front. I am also applying to the Cambridge Art Association this week. I believe I may find more resources in the city vs rural NH for where I want to go and the direction that I am looking for.

The Mrs. and I, finally , had a weekend away alone with our children. Our first in seven years and we stayed at the Wentworth By The Sea in New Castle NH and we used that opportunity to do a photo shoot there with her as my model. Expect 10-15 may more works from that “Weekend Away” series to come out within the next 6 months. I am exploring more expressive-figurative works at the moment and will be combining the realism of the subject in conjunction with the energy of my more abstract backgrounds such as you find in my cityscape work. I feel that this is a great combination of working with realism and abstraction and I highly enjoy the juxtaposition.

The Wentworth By The Sea, New Castle NH.   We stayed in that turret room there on the right!

The Wentworth By The Sea, New Castle NH. We stayed in that turret room there on the right!

I have really been into drawing a lot more lately. I think it’s always a good exercise and it helps with your eye and exploring tonal values and also looking at reference points in a composition etc. Here are a few sketches I made this month of various things and people I have come across, including some reference sketches for the new series of works:

I have been doing some commission paintings for clients and wrapping up some of those works before I begin my new series. Here’s an oil on linen of Yaz, 12” x 16”

“Yaz” 12” x 16” Oil on linen. Notice the more detailed subject (Yaz) and the looser background? This is where I am heading with newer works.

Coming up this month; I have begun working on the new series of works. They will be bigger than previous canvases, and possible some dual canvases or possibly even a tryptic? There is the Boston International Fine Art show on October 27th, so I will be there and I also plan on stopping by Suzanne’s gallery as well so there will hopefully be some nice material here for you on my next post as well.

Look for a newsletter soon! It’s all about finding time to get all of this stuff together for you guys. Please share my stuff on social media etc but use the @joelvanpattenart and/or hashtag #joelisart and also add the materials/size used in the works with the associated images. I am still looking around from time to time on social media but I am not posting new content at this time other than these blog posts. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my newsletter too and tell a friend. I will put some cool things in there; maybe a give away too? Please send me any questions, thoughts, ideas, complaints etc. to info@vanpattenstudios.com

Be good!