A little inspiration

Joel has recently started working at the Currier Museum in Manchester, New Hampshire. It is a part time gig and he works in Client Relations but oh boy, has it inspired him!

Although it is a fairly small museum (especially when compared to the other "local" museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts), it has an impressive collection, including pieces from Manet, Picasso, Monet, Singer-Sargent, Boghosian, and Wyeth, to name a few. 

Being in such good company almost daily has inspired Joel and somehow made him even more enthusiastic about painting! This inspiration has already flowed from his brain, out of his fingertips and on to the canvas. 

In his recent piece "White Park", he remarked that way the paint was lightly on part of the building would have bothered him previously but after seeing how the museum pieces were, he was going to leave it (part of the process) and enjoyed the way it looked. His most recent works have been done using a palette knife which creates a looser presentation.

Although these recent works have been a fantastic and interesting style for Joel, it will be very interesting to see how working at the Museum further influences him.